QUANTUM SEED was released last week. Although it was published on the 14th, it didn’t hit the online retailers until 20 December. I am calling it a soft launch because it has no reviews, no marketing, and at the time of release, only beta readers and editors have read the book.

Some have asked why I am not hyping it up or shouting from social-media hilltops. The simple answer is that, as a debut author, I am pacing myself. Also, there is the small but not insignificant fact that we are on holiday high up in the Colorado mountains.

My initial marketing has been via one channel – my husband. I cautioned him against advertising QUANTUM SEED, Book One via his LinkedIn account. But he proudly broadcasted it across his contacts. He seems more comfortable with whole debut author scene than me.

I have started sketching out ideas for QS, Book Two. My writing will be done between a few engagements in the new year to promote QS1.

Thank you to my team, readers, family, and friends. We did it!

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